Mums on the Go Afternoon Tea

5 March 2016
Its that time of year where we all tell our mums how much we love them and how they are the best mums in the world. No, literally mine is the best! I think this is a wonderful day of the year as many of us cannot survive without our mums, and I am definitely one of them. I ring her on a daily basis and shes always there for chats and giggles whenever I need her but I hardly get to see her in person.

Shes in Essex and I'm in London and although its not forever away, it does make it difficult to make the time to see each other to spend some quality time, making happy memories. Mothers Day is the one day I always make sure I am there for her wherever I am and its always a reminder that I should make more of these days throughout the year as you really need to make the most of the time you have.

There are lots of people in my life without their mums or nans this year and it makes me terribly sad. I cant imagine a day where you want nothing more than to see your mum and you cant. So let that be a reminder that time really is precious!

To mark the occasion I took my mum to The Orangery the Kensington Palace for afternoon tea* as part of the 'Mums on the go' campaign with WatchShop, so we could relax and have a good catch up over delicious food. The staff there were fabulous and attentive with perfectly bright smiles and huge charisma. The tea comes to you quickly, served on beautifully decorated bone china plates with assortments of sandwiches, scones and delightful sweet treats. The scones were to die for and I had a particular love for the perfectly portioned lemon eclair. yum! If only there was more of those.

The food was quickly scoffed but we managed to savour one for my sister to try as she was joining us later on. I would highly recommend The Orangery to anyone who loves afternoon tea. The views are stunning from the windows too so its a great place to sit if you want to escape the bustle of the city.

This was my mums first experience at an afternoon tea and she loved it. I definitely want to make more time do try new things with her this year. Id love to take her out of her comfort zone and try and skydive and also go to comedy nights, have a nice meal in a tall building and even take her to a silent disco and she does love to dance.

Mum, your the best and I will always try and make time for you, no matter how busy we get.
What are some things you would love to do with your mum if you had more time together?

Happy mothers day to everyone, my thoughts are with all of you!
Love Khrissie x

*some of the costs were covered by the Moms on the go campaign by Watchshop to help give some recognition to all that mums go and with not much time to do it. This was about spending quality time with your mum with the minutes you do have, as every second counts with your loved ones


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