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7 February 2016
One of my resolutions for the year is the task to try or see something new each month. This stops me being such a lazy human for one and gives me goals and something to look forward to each month. I also have a happiness planner that I am filling in and loving ( I will share a post on that soon) that uses a quote each day to help you with happy thoughts. They are all amazing but this one really hit home with how happiness works...

'The three components of happiness are; something to do, something to love and something to look forward to'
- Dr Gordon Livingston

This is an amazing quote to live by and one that is totally do-able, so why not give it a go. Having something to look forward to can be really simple. You don't have to spend a lot of money but you can always save for certain things if you want to. Just doing something once per month and giving yourself something to look forward to is already one step of the way to a happier you. 

After having a few thoughts about things to do I thought I would share a few of my own monthly goals with you:

1/ See a new theatre show or ballet
At Christmas I went to see The Nutcracker, a story about a child's imagination brought to life through dance, brilliantly designed sets and costumes so flowing it made me want to spin around in my seat. It starts with a Christmas party where everyone is excited about the festivities to come and a girl is given a nutcracker toy. The story unfolds when it comes to life in a way you would never imagine and the relationship between the girl and the nutcracker transforms right in front of your eyes. It was enchanting and oh so magical, the perfect show to watch to get you in the Christmassy spirit. The casting was perfect for this production and the costumes to die for, a dream world for every girl out there. 
I did go to the ballet show at Christmas last year but it was so wonderful that I just have to experience it some more. I want to go and see Swan Lake this year and The Northern Ballet, who did the production of The Nutcracker, are actually performing it this March for a month. You can have a look here for dates and tickets if your interested, especially if you have never been before. This is THE most famous in the world so if you go to see any of them, this has to be it!

2/ Go to either Scotland, Ireland or Wales
Now this is quite embarrassing to admit but I have only been in England and never ventured out to the other parts of the UK. I have flown to other countries but never taken the steps to experience what I already have around me. Its bonkers I know but it is something I am going to change this year. 
Going to Ireland for St. Patricks day would be a perfect weekend trip away and I have always loved the thought of staying in a log cabin in the countryside of Scotland where it has a hot tub! How dreamy!

3/ Paintballing
This is going to be my February task of the month. One I am a little terrified of as I am going to bruise like a peach after getting pelted with paint balls but something I have always wanted to try and if I hate it as least I know. I will report back on that one at the end of the month, with some pictures if I can get any. 

So that is three of my ideas that I am thinking of so far. I am going to post about each month as I do it now I am getting back into the blogging swing of things. Next up will be my experience of bouldering, its a bloody great workout I can tell you now, but more of that next time. 

Have a great week! 
Love Khrissie x


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