New year: The same ME

19 January 2016
Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful time enjoy the end of 2015 with friends, family and all your favourite people! I sure did! It was lovely to relax, travel to see people I barely see and eat lots of delicious food. 2016 is now upon us and wow how time flies as you get older.

Now this time of year is filled with posts and status's about new years resolutions, getting healthier and so on. I'm definitely not one of those people, not because I'm a negative or miserable person but because I have realised you have to approach a new beginning in the right way. In a literal sense it really is just another day but emotionally the thought of starting fresh is a great thing.

Everyone is much more positive for their future and accomplishments that I really love! So I am setting myself some goals for the year instead so I can stay happy and positive all year through. I am/ used to be just this person but life is hard and it does ware you down and I have come to realise I need to embrace every emotion a little more, the ups and downs are part of life and if you don't accept that, then thats when you get caught up in a web of self destruction (to put it bluntly)

So to help myself start this path of happiness and acceptance I have a few things I would like to achieve. I am putting no pressure on myself and this will make me fail and I will be taking a step backwards so for me it is all about baby steps.

1/ I have bought myself the 'Happiness Planner'
This is a planner where you document each day, with goals, feeling and ask yourself a lot of questions about what you want. I am really excited for this as I am hoping it is going to help me find what I really want out of life. I have been feeling like I have been having a quarter life crisis for the best part of last year and I really need to hone in on what is making me unhappy. I'll do a post about this all when I receive it as I think it may help some of you too!

2/ Something new each month
I have decided I want to go somewhere new or try something I have never done before each month. This is going to help me feel a lot more positive about how I am living my life as I always feel down about missing out on all the world has to offer. Either down to money or because my anxiety stops me from going out as much as I could.

I have planned to go to Scotland in April for my birthday with my family as I have always wanted to go. I also want to try rock climbing and I had a go at bouldering already this year and really enjoyed it. I'll be writing a post on that soon. Planning my future is the key for me, having a plan clams me and so knowing I have something to do each month, big or small, is stepping stones to my own goals.

3/ I have signed up to a online learning course
I was looking through Groupon in the new year and saw a voucher for an online children's book writing course and thought, yes! Now I'm not the best writer but I do have a good imagination and with practice I feel I can get a lot better. I eventually want to write a whole book, just for young kids and illustrate it myself too so I can add that as an achievement of 2016.

Do you have an goals for the year ahead?

Sorry this is a little late,
I wanted to re-brand the blog and have a fresh start but I wont be able to start that yet as I've had a
lot on with my a career move which has taken up all my time.

I will be back soon, better than ever as I would like this to be a place that I am proud of.
Love Khrissie x


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