#Blogmas Day 14: Perfect party nails

14 December 2015

Party time is upon us and its time to get your glad rags on. Panicking to find that perfect dress that will hug you in all the right places, show off your best assets and give you the confidence of Beyonce on stage while performing 'Who run the world!'.... Girls! Because yes we do! This is the time of year where we show what we've got, our energy and personality shines through (once we've had a tipple of course) and there a feeling that nothing is going to stop us!
Avalanche Nails £8.99 - Boots
Make the most of the rest of the year we have, do it your way but do it in style. Whether your having hot chocolate on the sofa and watching films or your up until 4am with your squad, dancing the night away. Whatever it is, make it the best day, week or and end of year you can remember... its never too late to make memories!
La Croux Nails £12.99 - Elegant Touch
This christmas edition of nails by Elegant Touch in collaoration with House of Holland are the perfect way to make a statement this Christmas and New year. Wear them how you like. Avalanche are perfect for the day time, having drinks with friends or to even make you feel better about yourself. La Croux add some glamour whatever you are doing and I can tell you now, I will be donning these on Christmas day as I lounge around, eating everything in sight. I will look a mess but my nails will be on fleek!

If you have any dress, makeup or style plans this Christmas. Comment below, I would love to know!
Enjoy bringing out every side of your personality this Winter!
Love Khrissie x


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