#Blogmas 2: Wrapping up for Christmas

2 December 2015
 As Christmas approaching we are all rushing out to the shops to buy our friends and loved ones presents in the hope they are going to love them and have the best day full of laughter and happiness. One thing a lot of people forget is the wrapping of the gifts. Frantically searching in WHSmith and the like to find bargain wrapping paper in any assortment of colours and patterns, just to make sure your presents are kept a surprise for the big day.
 Now I'm an odd ball when it comes to this as wrapping is a big thing for me. I'm a designer, so of course I'm going to take pride in the design of the wrapping of the present as I feel it is just as important as having a wonderful gift on the inside. I'm a little bit of a control freak I know, I'm working on it.

Now this year I have gone for a different look to my presents! I was going to do the whole brown paper thing as I found some great double sided rolls in IKEA but on my second trip to the store in two weeks I found all these beauties. Paper, tags and ribbons all in gorgeous pastel hues with hints of copper! Its a Pinterest lovers dream and not too expensive either.

I LOVE how it all comes together with accents of different colours. All ice cold and wintery with a Swedish twist on them. The rolls of paper also came with a similar monochrome pattern too so that will be for the boys of the family.
 I then saw some mini glass baubles in Paperchase and decided they would go perfect with my theme. Perfectly complimenting the colours of the papers and tags where that touch of Christmas is needed. I think the whole styling of my wrapping this year has really come together and I couldn't be happier. Keep an eye on my social media for the final display of all the presents once they are wrapped. I can't remember where the heart pegs were from but I have a feeling I found them also in Paperchase last year.

I hope you have enjoyed day two of Blogmas and to see how I will be wrapping my presents this year. If you want to get your hands on any of this I would suggest going to the stores to buy it as there is always a lot more to offer than the websites at this time of year.

I will be putting together a Pinterest board here of some more inspiration for you incase this style isn't for you. Enjoy wrapping! It can be really fun and satisfying when the person receiving the gift is just as excited about it as you are.

Leave any comments below of things you would like to see this Blogmas
Love Khrissie xx


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