Mazuri Shea Naturals Review

22 November 2015

Want to tame that outer animal frizz that creeps up on us all, daily! Those days where you get out of bed wondering how just sleeping in a bed, not moving (or so you think) can create such a knotty mess? Strand by strand you brush through your hair hoping for your fairy god mother to appear to give you a helping hand. Well I have a fairy god mother I want to share with you all....

Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals is your new best friend. Effortless and easy to use but with all the benefits a few trips to the salon, would give you. Full of natural ingredients so there are no concerns about adding lots of artificial ingredients onto your hair, these products are pretty wonderful.

I got sent the untangling spray and the leave in oil moisturiser to test out and if you can't already tell. I'm really impressed! Now I can be quite slack on giving my hair the care it needs but I have sinced noticed a massive difference in hair breakage and dry ends from not treating my hair with some love, but that has now changed...

I use the Mazuri Untangling Spray after I have washed my hair to protect, moisturise, de-frizz and untangle with ease, its also great to use as a leave in conditioner. Look at that triple action! Apply when damp and brush through, blow dry or air dry if you have time and your ready for the day. My hair has been so much softer and smoother since, feeling like a l'oreal hair model when it blows in the wind, or so I think.

I then add in a pea sized amount of leave in moisturiser through the ends of my hair once dry to smooth down any fly aways. This also states to help promote hair growth which I personally haven't noticed yet as my hair does grow quite quickly, but if your having trouble and you want to grow those luscious locks that would make Rapunzel jealous then get your hands on these.

I use the detangling pray about four times and week and I add in the leave in moisturiser about twice a week, especially now the weather is becoming a lot colder, which can cause a lot of damage to the hair, and girl you got parties to go to. A volumous, tamed main is what we all need!

If you have dryer hair then I would use recommend to use it more often to begin with and as your hair becomes more manageable then you can use them less frequently and spend more time showing everyone what you got! You can pick these up in your local Tesco for around £6 a bottle but for something so natural, I would say that are worth every penny.

So heres to fabulous hair, full of life, personality and va-va-voom!
Now go, do you!

Love Khrissie xx


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