A glorious adventure...

11 November 2015
I can tell you I am an avid traveller but in real life I'm not. I only dream of the places I want to see and visit, when I haven't actually been to many countries in my life time, as I had once wished.
It has now coming up to year since I took my trip of a lifetime around Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and its all I can think of. I have a huge desire to travel again, as I just loved the way it made me feel.

I felt free and the happiest I have ever been. I could have easily spent a few months travelling around with groups of like minded people like that and had the time of my life but the reality of paying rent, bills and having a job to pay them with slowly became apparent and so the trip I had always dreamed of had to come to an end. 
My mission in life still is to travel as much as I can. I am the worst at saving but I need to find a way to be savvier with money so I can fulfil my dreams! The one thing that keeps me going and that I can being home with me, is the food. The citrus aromas, the fresh spices and depth of flavour.
 I was lucky to experience a cooking lesson out there where I even surprised myself with my culinary skills. Given that the teacher we had was amazing and knew everything you would ever want to know when making a Thai meal. Now knowing what real Thai food tastes like I went in search of some options that I could find in the supermarket, that took me back to sitting in the Thai countryside and boating down the Mekong river with nothing but nature to look at.
 Soup is the one thing I got for this winter, especially for lunch and it is quick, easy and full of flavour that you need, plus it does a good job at warming you up on those chilly days. GLORIOUS Soup have an amazing range of soups, their main ones bringing you the exotic flavours of your favourite places. This is when I love in indulge in their Fragrant Thai Carrot soup on those times when I am dreaming of my own adventure. Infused with ginger, lemongrass and lime to give you that authentic taste, with an aroma to match.

Thailand has also has an array of amazing street food that you must try if you ever go, its a brilliant way to suck up the culture and experience what they have to offer first had. This is where the GLORIOUS Sunny Thai Chicken soup comes in with its hot and sour flavours, you cant help but be transported back to the beautiful sunshine.

Why don't you have an adventure with food too and enjoy the many wonderful flavours Glorious have to offer. Whether your keen on going to Mexico or staying close to home in the countryside of England, make sure you make every adventure a great one and experience everything that is on offer as memories last a lifetime so its worth taking the time to make them.

I hope you enjoyed my throw back post to Thailand. I'm off to plan how to save for my own adventures. Enjoy your week!

Khrissie x 


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