Duvet day with Tanya Burr

13 October 2015
Today I wanted to share with you a recent make up release I have been lusting over, the new and improved Tanya Burr cosmetics line. Now I have been following Tanyas footsteps for years now so I am and always will be a proud 'fan' of hers and seeing as she is my age I always feel I can relate to her.

I am a packaging designer by day so these things dont go unnoticed fby me and it is usually a reason I will pick something up. I love the fact she has considered her target market but given it a grown up edge for those like me who are on 'team overs' (luckily without Simon Cowell I might add) with the metallic accents and simple typography. I thought I would pick up a couple of pieces to try and to see how they faired on a day to day basis as I know she is a perfectionist so I trusted that these would be nothing but spectacular. 
 Hollywood eye palette 
Some of the main products that intrigued me the most in this collection was the new additions to her line, the eye palettes. Now I'm getting to the point in my life where I want to try and nail an everyday smoky eye look that will take less than five minutes while I ponder over twitter in the morning. I thought this gorgeous golden toned palette 'Hollywood' over all the rest would give me the best chance at achieving my goal and so it quickly went into my basket. 

The eyes shadows are velvety to the touch and have a beautiful colour pay off. They all work together like bees on a summers morning, seamlessly blending into each other like melted chocolate. A must have for the bronzed goddess look which will last you throughout summer and autumn, just as the leaves are turning golden and the morning sky is shining behind the trees. 
The base colours work best applied with your fingers and softly worked into the skin with a clean fluffy brush. Creating a smoky eye is effortless and with little practice that perfection I want to achieve in the mornings will be a distant thought. Some colours are quite sheer on first application but are perfect to build up to the desired consistency, especially if you are practising eye looks.

Gold coin has to be my favourite colour (top right) from the palette, as it looks so elegant when worn alone with a nice layer of mascara and an inner corner highlight. I can see this being a keeper in my everyday palette collection as the versatility of it is just perfect for me. 
The next purchase I made was of a nail polish. Now I am a hoarder of sorts when it comes to nail colour. They are so cheap and easy to store that I just cant help my hands gravitating towards them every time I step into a drugstore. Now, if you see me on a daily basis at the moment you will notice I look the same most days. Not because I decide to wear the same clothes every time I step into my wardrobe, but I have a new undying love for the colour grey. 
Duvet Day £4.99
I know its possible I look like a rain cloud floating through London on my way to work every week but I just can not help myself. Black just isn't me anymore, and it took me a while to realise that it accentuated my RBF (resting bitch face) more than I would have liked. So when I saw this on the shelves with its shimmering gold lid, muted tone and perfect name 'Duvet Day' I just couldn't say no. I would have been like visiting Battersea cats and dogs home without bringing back a new best friend. Sorry Christian, I have a new love now.

Do have a peak next time your in Superdrug, you might be surprised. Congratulations to Tanya too for all the hard work and dedication into making something you truly have a passion about. This is one for the women out there.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post this week. Do keep me up to date on any new purchases you have made recently and do let me know I'm not the only one in the grey gang this year. 

See you next time
Khrissie x


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