New Nudes by Rimmel

5 September 2015
 Today is all about the nudes. Beautiful creamy tones that reflect the morning sky on an autumn morning. Subtle hues that enhance your complexion like a sparkling diamond in those bright down lights, that you can not help but stare at. These are the kinds of colours that suit all skin tones in a matter of ways. Pairing these with copper and gold tones make the perfect combination for an everyday makeup look and Rimmel are kicking ass in this spectrum of colour right now.  
 First up we have the forever known and highly popular lipsticks by the style queen herself, Kate. These are long lasting and look perfect on everyone I have seen them on and who better to support the fans of nude, than Kate herself. Rimmel have a variety of shades to suit all skin tones and I felt the 45 lasting perfection lippy was the one for me. This is a nude that looks different on everyone and in different lights too. It can look more pink in bright lights and muted in dim but always perfection on the lips. 

The nude Salon Pro nail polish then caught my eye and I always love to buy beauty purchases in pairs. This is Mistify Me, an all button mushroom colour that will gracefully coat your nails in a loving hue, complimenting your complexion like your best friend. Chic yet sophisticated when paired with any outfit and perfect for that minimalistic look we all hope to achieve on a daily basis.
Welcome to the world of nudes, a world where Kim K graces the lands that I now need to be part of. Embrace your inner chic and pick some products up next time you pop by your local drugstore. You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

Love Khrissie


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