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23 September 2015

Going to blogger events can bring along a lot of great opportunities to the table. One of them is working with brands you love and creating content this is as equally exciting. If you saw my previous post you here would have seen that I got the chance to attend the Bloggers Fashion Week pre party at Balans Soho Society which was a wonderful event and to top it off we were each given a goody bag of some of the brand that were attending the fashion week the next day. 
We were completely spoilt and so I would like to say a huge thank you to Danielle from The Bloggers Hangout for putting this together for us! 
To start of with I received this gorgeous necklace from Gallardo & Blaine which really suits me down to a tea and I absolutely love it! I love animal necklaces and the fact this was handmade just added that personal touch that made it extra special. Make sure you check out the website as they make truly gorgeous pieces I think you will all love.
I then pulled this set out my tote bag. This is a brand called Lil Lash which is a make up brand which helps you to enhance what you already have. This is a serum that once applied one everyday, will help to grow your lashes naturally without the need of mascara or fake lashes. I will need to be patient and allow at least 12 weeks for a full result. I will report back with the results in a future post. 
Another beauty brand that was added to the bag were some face masks by Timeless Truth. I have tried one of their face masks before so I can already rave about how good they are. Put them in the fridge 10 minutes before hand for a super cool mask that replenishes and revives dull skin. It leaves you with a softer and more moisturised complexion that will make you glow. I am especially excited to try the apple one as it has won awards for it collagen boosting properties.
Now onto the food and drink which I assure you, will make you hungry. Berry White is a brand that has been cropping up for a while now. It has lovely fruity packaging and some refreshing flavours to match. The fact that they are organic is always a plus for me so keep these in the fridge for a light refreshment or in your bag for on the go. 
I have seen Byron Bay Cookies before but never picked them up to try. Here are two packs of gluten free biscuits, which is great for many of us who have wheat or gluten intolerance. A lot of biscuits that claim to be gluten free actually miss out on the taste as they are a lot drier and crumbly in texture which can be off putting but these are surprisingly delicious! If this is your biscuit, then give them a go. They are award winning too!
Now this is one I was very excited about, a Pudology dessert! I have such a sweet tooth and a little addiction to sugar which I am trying to break. To eat a more healthy you need to cut out certain things and having a dessert which is gluten and diary free will definitely help me on my way. Caramel is a favourite flavour of mine so I throughly enjoyed this and I will definitely be back for more. 
Heres another treat which ticks a lot of my sweet toothed boxes. Chocolate and biscuits all wrapped up into a 100 calorie snack and you have me. A flavour to suit all taste buds, gluten free and guilt free as you know exactly what your getting. No guessing games or confusion about what you are putting into your body. This is a great way to watch what you are eating and getting in that naughty snack you crave in the afternoon hours. What a Tasty Little Number.
Now this is a drink that I was unsure to try as I never knew what to expect from it. This is a natural birch tree sap drink and doesn't have much else in it other than the flavourings. Pure and packed with health benefits, Tree Vitalise is one to try. The taste is unusual and unknown but one to give a try as there really is nothing better than nature itself.

Now to end this amazing goody bag is some sachets of chai latte by the brand Drink Me Chai. I'm not a coffee drinker myself as I'm not a massive fan of the taste and I'm not too good with caffeine. I have never tried these before though so I would love to give them a try, especially as the spiced blend is caffeine free.

I hope you have enjoyed a peak into what you can get at a blogger event if you tried. Now don't get me wrong, I don't blog to get 'free things' as thats not where my passion lies. This is just a bonus to my hard work in photographing, editing and posting about the brands I love. I think that is the best way to go about it to as you do not want to waste yours and the brands time by taking and not giving back. 

Thank you again to the brands and to Danielle for this! I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into putting something together like this. Make sure you check out the brands and Danielle herself and if you missed my post last week on the meal we had at Balans Soho Society then you can read that here. 

I'll be back on Sunday 
Love Khrissie x


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