Summer Favourite - No7 BB Cream

15 August 2015

I'm going through one of those stages at the moment where I hate the feel of makeup on my face. As soon as I have foundation on my skin I want to take it off and I think this is because I have started going to the gym in the mornings without makeup on and it feels invigorating to not have to worry about what you look like in front of strangers.

On my weekly hunt in Boots for makeup, which is one of my favourite things to do. I tweeted and asked if anyone had an foundation recommendations for oily/sensitive skin. Someone mentioned about the No7 foundation as they loved the coverage. I went to check out the stall, not because of the coverage but because I had completely forgot about the brand. I completely love their advertising but in terms of in store stand out, I never gravitate towards it.
As I was having a little browse, this little number caught my eye. Now I have never been a fan of BB creams in the past as they are always way too orange for my fairly pale skin tone, plus the consistencies of them can be a bit off putting. I gave the little tester a go and the colour didn't seem too bad and the consistency was velvety smooth.

Since that day I have been in love. Now for a pale girl, the colour can seem quite dark but I have actually been mixing this with 'Wake me up' concealer for a radiant glow and it has made the perfect tone for me. The coverage is enough to even out my skin tone but not too much so I feel I have a lot on my skin. It has UV protection, which is always a plus side for me and it hasn't given me any breakouts yet which is a no1 win in my books.

I have just been blending this onto my skin with my fingers, adding a touch of concealer on my breakouts with a dash of highlighting blush and a lashing of mascara, oh and lets not forget the brows. Hello no makeup, makeup look in just a few easy steps! The BB cream blends really nicely and doesn't have too much of a fragrance. I would say it smells like moisturiser which is quite a nice smell to me. There are also two other types of this BB cream for normal and dry skin, so there is something to suit everyone.

What makeup have you been loving lately? I would love to hear any recommendations, especially with new launches.

Have a wonderful week!
Love Khrissie x


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