Road Trip: South of the UK

2 July 2015

Hello there you lovely lot!

I hope your having a wonderful week! The sunshine has been incredible this week, its a shame it will only last that long too, as it seems to brighten everyones mood. Travelling to work has been a tricky one though, with temperatures rising to 35 degrees and with no air to breathe. I cant complain about it as its much better than trying to keep out of the wind a rain, especially when you decide to go on a road trip around the UK, this is the kind of weather I was wishing for but weren't quite so lucky to get.

You might have seen one of my previous posts where I was giving you some ideas of what to do on a lazy weekend. Going on a little road trip was one of them and so me and Nick hired a little car and headed down to the south coast of the UK for a long weekend.

The image above shows the flat we stayed in on our little trip. It was a quaint little place in the heart of Graffham, West Sussex and situated on a little plot of land on the hosts property, surrounded by fields and horses. It was really quiet compared to London which I loved as I felt I could really relax in my happy place. The only issue was that there was no signal or wifi but that ended up being a god send as it felt that no one could contact us, and we could just spend some quality time together without getting disturbed.

The host, Penny and her husband were really lovely. They give you everything you need including some fresh walnut bread and eggs from their chickens. This made for a wonderful breakfast and topped with some homemade jam, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Just look at that view!

While we didnt have a very good experience with Europcar as we had to wait hours to pick it up as they had made a massive balls up with their service, we did manage to make the most of our time away even though half of our first day was spent sorting out that mess.

We visited Portsmouth and New Forest which were both lovely but accompanied by some wet and windy weather. New Forest was by far our favourite place and we plan to visit again some time, maybe for a weekend of camping. Its surrounded by fields and has lots of little villages tucked away in it for a spot of shopping. You can by fresh produce and the locals are always on hand to help if your looking for something in particular.

We ate lots of good food and filled my cravings of Nachos and talked about life, the world and what we want to do next. I think its really important to take time out of your stressful lives and spend it with the people that mean the most to you, as it can give you a new perspective on things.

Life can be hard and a lot to deal with at the best of times but if you remind yourself or what you have and things you have achieved no matter how big or small than it can seem that little bit better. Remember to be kind and to not compare yourself to others and life can be full of sunshine, even when you do live in London and it does rain 80% of the time.

We had a really lovely time away. Its always great to appreciate the country you live in and make the most of what you have around you without spending a fortune. The next stop is going to be Scotland as I've always wanted to go there but this time in a cold climate so I can snuggle up in a log cabin somewhere.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post.
Let me know if you have been anywhere nice lately?

Love Khrissie x


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