A day out in Battersea: Formula-E Racing

28 June 2015
Me & Nick in an electric mini car! How cute!

Hello & Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope your all doing well and you had an amazing weekend! There was lots going on in London the whole weekend so I'm sure lots of you were up to something. I sadly didn't get tickets in time to see the queen herself, Taylor Swift, which I am super sad about so I decided to go to a Formula E event instead.

Formula E is like formula 1 racing but with smaller and quieter electric vehicles. It was held at Battersea park which was a great location as you could chill in the E-Village during the day in the beautiful park until the races started at around 4pm. Around the park were little stalls full of electric related products, like the car in the image above. It was really interesting to see the future of what electricity can do while walking around in the beautiful sunshine.

I made a vlog of the day, lots of me talking and some clips of the race. I want to get into vlogging if I can as I feel a little more confident to do it more now, its just the camera I'm using isn't the best quality but its all I can use for now so bare with me. I hope its not too boring, I never like the sound of my own voice but hopefully I'll improve over time. Do let me know any feedback.

I hope you enjoy the vlog and comment down below if you have any questions.
Enjoy your week guys,
Love Khrissie x


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