Jewellery: Dolly Box

2 May 2015
Happy bank holiday weekend everyone! Spring has well and truly sprung and so I thought I would treat myself to a Dolly Box. This is a one off box subscription curated by Kate Murnane of 'Dolly Bow Bow' on YouTube, consisting of 4 everyday pieces of jewellery and one statement necklace. After seeing how beautiful the pieces are from her shop and the great taste she has in fashion, I just had to give it a go. 

This spring the box was inspired by Paris which I didn't know until I received the box. I was really happy as I have wonderful memories of Paris and so wearing pieces that represent the wonderful city of love is just wonderful. The package comes in a black box (pictured above) with the cutest bow around it. Once opened the pieces are neatly displayed in sweet little pink bags. 
The first piece I opened up was this adorable rose gold necklace of the Paris skyline. Rose gold is my new favourite colour of metal so I was really pleased with this. 

I then opened up the cutest little silver earrings. They are inspired by the lovelock bridge and would look cute on any earlobes, the only problem you have is deciding what ear you put them on.

Next up was this beautiful rose gold heart ring, which you can wear with the necklace for a love inspired themed outfit. Its so dainty, it would look gorgeous layered with some other simple rings.
Last of the pink pouches was this yellow-gold bracelet with the French phrase 'je t'aime' which means 'I love you', how sweet. The only problem is that I have the smallest wrists in the world and its miles too big for me. I'm going to keep it non the less and see if theres some way of changing the chain to something I can alter.

I was really happy with all the pieces I received, not remembering there was another surprise awaiting my eyes. Behind the pale pink tissue paper a dainty chain was poking out. I lifted the paper to realise the most gorgeous statement necklace was waiting for me! I mean... look at this!

Light rose gold with flowers in the most amazing soft pink hues, its just too pretty! Perfect for pairing with a cute cream day dress to add some sparkle on a picnic date with your loved on by the eiffel tower! (breathe) It just makes me dream of wonderful memories with my favourite person! <3

The box is sold at £26.99 but as it included the statement necklace and as your getting another 4 pieces of hand selected jewellery on top of that, I feel like its a pretty good price. I was really happy with the selected items anyway and now that Kate has redesigned her website and business cards, I'm sure its going to be an even more exciting box to receive.

Thanks Kate for an amazing box. I look forward to the future subscriptions to come out. In the meantime check out her shop as there are some amazing pieces on there and I've just noticed a home where section which I need to grab a few pieces from quick!

I hope your enjoying your weekend and you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if there is anything you would like to see from me as I want to start getting back into
blogging again as I have missed it! I've just had other things I've had to deal with first :)

Love Khrissie x


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