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5 March 2015
Hello there! You're probably wondering who I am as I have been away so long! Since the end of January I was away for two weeks as I won a Contiki trip to Asia, which was amazing! It was always something I have wanted to do and to be able to do it when I did, was perfect for me as I felt like I was having a mini quarter life crisis at the time. The trip really opened up some new doors for me and  helped me discover a few things about myself which I didn't know before. Two week was a perfect amount to be away but I don't feel like I have fully 'discovered' as much of myself as I want to just yet, so new trips are going to be planned soon!

I have been super busy since and have been trying to write posts for a while but I haven't had time as I have been ill and had too much life stuff to do. I dont want to have lots of excuses but this blog is for me and a hobby that I want to love and if I put too much pressure on myself I will begin to hate it, but I'm here now and I'm excited to be back!

To start my next post ( I am going to make ever effort to post at least once a week from now on) I am going to be talking about a beauty brand I shockingly haven't tried yet for some unknown reason. Thanks to my mum and sister for getting me these gifts I have finally been able to give some a try. I have to admit, as soon as I laid my eyes on them I became a little bit addicted. Not only are the products beautiful, with some gorgeous packaging but they apply lovely too!

This first product is one of Bobbi Browns staple beauty items, the shimmer blusher. This is the aptly named 'Coral' which is the perfect amount of pink to orange ratio on the cheek. Perfect for spring as it gives a beautiful golden glow to the cheeks with its golden flecks running throughout.

Next I got given some mini products, which included this mini lipgloss (too cute!), an eye cream which is below and a baby eye makeup remover which I am all more than happy with, mainly because I love mini anything! After using them for a while I think I'm going to have to pick up a bigger version of the eye cream as it feels wonderfully smooth and cooling on the eyes, although a small amount really goes a long way with this product so this one will last me a little longer yet. The lipgloss is a pretty shimmery colour and suits the blusher really well. The eye makeup remover is actually pretty good! I was worried about the oily consistency at first but it really helps to remove that stubborn mascara without scrubbing at your eye.

Last up is my favourite product from the bunch! I first of all wanted this purely because of the packaging!
I love the old school design of the crest on the outer packaging, embossed in gold and finished off with a faux ribbon design. Once you open the box you instantly fall in love! The wood effect packaging with the gold trim and simple type is just beautiful and something that could happily live on my dressing table. It took me a long time to actually use it as I didn't want to make any mark on it, but I finally caved in and was really happy with the result. The shimmer brick in 'Copper Diamond' itself is gorgeous! It highlights your face in such a way that your skin looks so glowing and healthy, you actually want people to look at you, a must have for the S/S months.

I hope you enjoyed a look into the beginning of my Bobbi Brown collection. I cant wait to add some more products to it, especially if the packaging is just as pretty. What products do you love from Bobbi Brown? I'd love to know any recommendations.

Now I've got the blogging bug back I'll be posting and interacting on social media a lot more from today. So watch this space for a lot more recipes, fashion posts, beauty and some DIYs in the next few months.

Love Khrissie xx

If you have any questions about any of the products just write a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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