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14 December 2014
Real Techniques: 'Nic's Collection' £29.99

Ive been loving make up brushes for quite a while now. I find it crazy that I never used to use them back in the day, mainly because they weren't very good. The bristles came out onto my face as soon as they touched my skin and a flawless finish seemed a thing of mystery.

Real Techiques were the first brand I tried that really amazed me, firstly because of how soft they were. This was back when bloggers such as Llymlrs and Zoella were bragging about them in most of their videos, making me head straight to Boots as soon as I had the chance to pick them up myself. My first brush I brought was actually the stippling brush as I wanted to test one of them first before I invested in more, which ended in a loving friendship and from then on my collection grew.

I've seen Nic's Picks collection around for a while now but never thought about actually buying them for some reason. I was on Feel Unique one day, in a spendy mood and decided to go for it! I received them in their lovely packaging a few days later to be wowed with how soft they were. As soon as I had the chance, I put them to the test as I couldn't wait to see what the results would be. Not to my surprise, they were amazing!

I love how in this collection you get three brushes for your eyes and two for your face which works out really cost effective as those mac blending brushes can be quite costly on their own and these do just as good a job.

Sam and Nic are so amazing at makeup and I love their beauty channel! If you haven't seen them in action, go check them out, your going to be addicted. You can buy Nics Picks here and all their other brushes which are available here

Hope you have had a lovely weekend
Love Khrissie x


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