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15 November 2014
Today I want to share with you a moisturiser I have been loving lately. Since starting my blog 6 months ago I have started to really take care of my skin as my world has been opened up to such lovely products that I just need to try. For the longest time I have struggled to find the right products for my skin and I have oily/combination skin, especially on the t-zone. How is it possible to have an oily AND dry nose? Nothing has really worked in preventing the problem as of yet, but I am definitely on my way to achieving the skin I want.
I found this moisturiser while I was picking up some essentials in Boots. I was walking past the isle and spotted this brand with the weirdest ingredients in it. Tomatoes? and I'm going to put that on my face? I then noticed it was 97% natural which got the thumbs up from me. I was more intrigued than anything to see how the tomato extract could benefit my skin, so in my basket it went.

The three main ingredients in this to help with redness, inflammation and clogged pores are the tomatoes, which has fruit acids to help control the extra sebum in the skin, red tea which has great antioxidants and watermelon which helps to keep the moisture in your skin without stripping it bare and causing more dry patches, which a lot of combination products can do.

Since first use of this moisturiser I have been impressed. First off the smell of the product is amazing as its smells quite fresh but with a fruity undertone, not too overpowering either. I added a pump to my hands after cleansing and rubbed in circular motions around my face. It sinked in so quickly I couldn't believe it! After having oily skin and being used to having this film of oil over your skin in the day to having a product that sinks in and makes your skin feel like silk, I could not have been happier.

The formula has a nice smooth texture which feels light on the skin, not the lightest moisturiser I have ever tried but with how quickly my skin absorbed it, it really didn't bother me. I would say it has some qualities of a serum with its silky texture, just like one of those foundations that turn to powder on the skin but not as heavy. It leaves your skin feeling like skin should without the feeling of a product heavy face, which is exactly what I am looking for in my morning and evening routines.

I love using this is the morning although it states you can use it in the evening too, but with SPF15 in it (another thumbs up) its not recommended as this can clog your pores. Saying this I do use this in the evening sometimes as I have not experienced any problems yet.

I say YES to tomatoes! I'm currently looking into what I can get from the range next. The prices are quite reasonable for a natural product retailing at £11.99, I would certainly buy this again without hesitation as I believe spending more on skincare than makeup is important. How can makeup look good on bad skin? I would give this 4 out of 5 stars, 100% natural would nudge it up to 5!

Have you tried anything from this range lately?
Love Khrissie xx


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