New Lauch: These Details

19 November 2014
Happy Wednesday everyone!

I thought I would pop by and tell you about a new fashion launch which is launching as of today. Do you like reading/watching reviews before you purchase an item? I'm assuming yes, as thats the reason you are all blogging in the first place. Now you see this a lot in the beauty world but not so much in the fashion. 'These Details' has launched  to solve that problem.

Its a useful and easy way to watch 1-2 minute video reviews of products that everyday people like me or you have brought and tested. If your looking for a new jacket and wondered how it fits, what the textures like and how it feels, then this is the website for you. Its a great way to see what your buying before receiving it in the post, with the disappointment that it is not the item you were expecting.

As well as getting detailed information on the product, you can also comment on the video with any questions you might have which may have not been answered. You can also upload a review of something you have brought recently and see how it trends on the site yourself. The most popular reviewers can then become one of the founding reviewers for the site! How exciting!

This is a new and innovative way to shop so why not become part of the journey now?

This is my first video, so I need a bit of practise talking to a camera, but it was fun to make. Let me know what you think.
Love Khrissie


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