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20 October 2014
Not long ago you would have seen Zoella launched her own beauty range. I knew it would be bath related as she is always talking about lush and other bath related products in her vlogs. I have followed Zoella since back in the day when I started my first blog (so embarrassing). I have followed her year on year, seeing her grow as a person and her confidence flourish! Its amazing to see where she has got to and I look forward to see where she goes from here. 

Her audience is younger than I am but seeing as I'm the same age as Zoe and I love a good bath; now I have moved into my new apartment and it has the loveliest deep bath, I couldn't resist! I brought one of everything as I really wanted to give the whole 'Zoella' experience a go! The packaging is very Zoe as it reflects the style of her blog, which is very fitting to her audience. As a packaging designer I couldn't help swoon over the rose gold foil, as I just love a little bit of metallic on my packaging.
They are all £5 except the bag and mist which are £8 on Feel Unique, which is so affordable!
First up I lit the cute little candle. I love that its in a tin as it keeps it protected from the water splashes and bubbles while your in the bath. Upon sniff inspection I instantly approved of the woody, florals smells. The candle lit easily and didn't crackle as the wick was warming up. 
Next up I added in two bath fizzers. I'm not going to lie I thought Zoe would have created a bath bomb but then you only get one use. You can get up to eight uses with these and each cube is carved with a letter Z and has a similar fragrance to the candle, so how can you resist? It does make me think of a dishwasher tablet a little bit but doesnt that mean your going to get a really good clean? I chucked these in an off they went, fizzing away like I was creating a champagne bath for myself. Delicious!

It was then time for me to fill my bath with lots of bubbles! I always add bubbles to my bath, I can't help it! I used to think it would not clean my hair properly but to be honest I think it helps. I've been used to using bubble bars for a while now, that going back to using a bottle of liquid bubble seemed strange to me. It bubbled up really quickly but I did have to use quite a bit to keep the bubbles going. After this fizzy bubble combo my bathroom smelt like a sweet shop, it was lovely! I then put on some Towie on my laptop which I rested on my sink (shh!) and had a lovely soak.

Once I finally got out of the bath, a good 40 minutes later and looking something like a prune I dazzled myself in some Blissful Mistful which I can honestly say smells amazing! She has a great sense of smell. I love the idea of being able to spray your body with a smell which isn't an expensive perfume and feel that little bit cleaner, I've been addicted ever since.

Lets not forget the adorable makeup/pencil case which comes in the collection too! I had to get the guinea pig on it, but which one is it? I can't quite figure it out? I loved the colour of this one and thought it matched the rest of the collection perfectly. Its also a really generous size and would be perfect to keep all your beauty bathroom essentials in as the outside is waterproof.

The last item in the collection is the 'Creamy Madly Dreamy' body lotion which I didn't actually use as I'm one of those terrible people who always forgets to moisturise after the bath or shower. I will get better, I promise.

Overall, I was pleasently surprised with the collection and can actually see me using these products for bath times to come. I've already used the candle and body mist again, which are my favourites! I think Zoe has done a brilliant job and has catered the smell of the products to the majority of our noses, as who doesn't love a good girlie/woody scent? I still want Zoe to bring out a set of miniature of 5 bath bombs with names all relating to disney films... I can see it now!

Have you tried any of these products from her range?

Love Khrissie x


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