Quick & Easy Halloween Snacks

27 October 2014
Happy pre-halloween everyone! Only a few days away and I was itching to get into the spirit and I love things like this. I normally bake and decorate with my sister but as we are miles apart I thought I would do it on my own and show you guys.

Seeing as there are not many days left until the day has graced us I thought I would create a couple of tasty snacks which are nice, easy and cheap for you all! To begin with I have some marshmallow pops for all of you. Its a super simple recipe and oh my! they are super tasty.

What you will need is: A pack of Marshmallows / A bar or two of white chocolate / Green & Red food colouring / Bamboo sticks or straws / Coloured tubes of icing / Hot chocolate sachets / White chocolate buttons / Popcorn / Eyeball sweets

Extras: Plastic cauldron / Spider / Table cloth

Step 1: Melt a bar of white chocolate in a bowl above a pan of boiling water

Step 2: Add in a drops of green food colouring into the melted chocolate until you have reached your desired colour

Step 3: To make eyeballs add a dot of the green chocolate on top of the marshmallow. Add on a white chocolate button then decorate with the icing pens, creating two circles to make the pupil. For the ghost all you need to do is add three dots of black to create a scared face.

Step 4: To make a Frankenstein pop you need to put the marshmallow on one of the sticks to make it easier to cover it with chocolate. Use a blunt knife and once covered in a even consistency of chocolate you smooth around the edges to help stop it dripping and to give the pop a neater edge. Repeat this step until all the marshmallows are covered and set them in a glass and pop it into the fridge for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Once the chocolate on the pops has set you can now decorate them how you like. Add to dots for eyes. A straight line or a zig zag for the mouth. Some lines for hair and some bolts on the side of the head, not forgetting the scar on the side of his head. Get your friends and family to join in too as it can be a lot of fun, and quite funny to see the finished results.

Step 6: You can either decorate the bottom of a jar with some Halloween sprinkles or you can make a 'Bloody Popcorn Cauldron' to go with it. To make this all you need to do is melt the other bar of white chocolate, add in some red food colouring to make it look like blood, then mix it into some salty popcorn to make it look all gross. I found some eyeball sweets which I used as hidden treats in the popcorn and worked really well. Then just add the mixture into the cauldron for the full effect and there you have a great it! A spooky centre piece for your table at Halloween! oooooooh!
Cauldron, Table cloth and Spider are from Poundland

If you are feeling a bit chilly on Halloween evening you can actually add the marshmallows into a hot chocolate for a quick tasty winter warmer. All the colours will mix and will add to the gruesome effect of old hallows eve!

I hope you liked some of my quick and easy ideas for some Halloween snacks. If you have any please let me know as I'd love to try them out. I have some cupcakes and biscuits coming later in the week so keep and eye out for some more creepy cooking tips coming your way....

Khrissie xx


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