No7 Match Made in Heaven

3 October 2014
Hello lovlies!

Happy Friday! I'm so happy to be back blogging, it was horrible not being able to blog with moving out, staying at our friends and having everything packed in boxes. I had taken pictures of stuff in advance but with no internet and no time to sort out the pictures I couldn't see a way around it. Internet has been installed and I'm half moved in so all is right with the world.

So a little while ago No7 launched the Match Made Lipstick Service which is similar to their Match Made Foundation service but it for lipstick instead, which is great as choosing the right lipstick for your skin tone is something we can all struggle with. Ximena from Deseo Beauty kindly invited me and Jough from Jough Bloggs to try out the service on the launch date to see what we thought.

We managed to pop in on our lunch break and Ximena welcomed us with her lovely smile and she started to talk us through the different lipsticks that were available and how the process worked. First of all you get the Match Maker machine pressed onto a clean area of your skin on each side of your face so it can read the colour pigment of your skin colour. 
This will tell you the colour match of your Foundation, Joughs was Calico which is the lightest of the shades, where I was Cool Vanilla which is one up from that. Ximena then asked us what kind of shade we wanted from a huge selection of deep red to coral. She worked this through the machine as it gives you more option on how to choose a colour this way. We also got given a card with all the shades on it from the Moisture Drench and Stay Perfect lines, which was handy to have so you can keep it in your bag with you so you can remember your perfect shade. 

Ximena then picked out the shades for us to try on as we were unsure what we wanted. We both got carried away and ended up trying about 5 each as we were having so much fun trying on lipsticks and being girly! Saying this, there are 14 shades in the ranges that will suit your skin tone, so being a beauty addict you can understand that I wanted everything, right? Just look how pretty they all are..

Look how amazing Jough looks with that lip colour on! It looks gorgeous. It was nice to see how much of a buzz it was attracting with numerous girls coming over to the counter to find out about the hype. I can't think of anything better than playing with makeup with your girlfriends. Here is a snap of two beauty addicts I spotted trying on every colour in the range, they were just as happy as we were with the outcome. 
I ended up settling for Soft Cherry. A lovely bright coral red which suits my skin tone perfectly. Its one of those everyday shades which adds that touch of glam when your in the office to give you a boost of moral when you need it most. I love it! and now I need more! The formulas of these lipsticks are amazing, so much so that Jough has been wearing hers nearly everyday since and even quoted that it was a the best lipstick she has ever worn *whispers* (better than MAC!)

So next time you pop into Boots...(hello weekend!) pop to the No7 counter and have a go! Its so much fun and it only takes 5 minutes to see what shade you are. No more worrying about skin tone colours and all that malarky, just go have some fun! Oh and if your near Bishopsgate pop into that one as thats where Ximena works and she was wonderful with us...thank you girl!

No7 Lipstick £9.95*

I'm back to blogging and it feels good!
Hope you've all been well?

Khrissie x


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