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8 October 2014

So last month I was lucky enough to go to Paris to see my favourite artist, Beyonce!
Since I knew she was doing the 'On The Run' tour I really wanted to go, especially as Jay Z would be performing with her. They are the cutest couple together so I knew this was going to be one amazing show. I booked the tickets ages ago and then asked if anyone wanted to come with me. Everyone was busy and I was a little worried about going on my own but a month away until the show my mum realised she could make it, which made me super excited!

The day dawned and I couldn't wait! A weekend in Paris and an amazing show all in just a few days. We stayed in an Air BnB apartment which was amazing, the host was wonderful and it was in the cutest french courtyard so we really got a feel for the parisian lifestyle. Lots of laughs were had and we managed to explore a lot of Paris in the time we were there. The weather was so gorgeous, the food was amazing and the architecture was just beautiful. I could easily get used to the laid back lifestyle, it was bliss!

The show was the best I have ever experienced, I want to cry very time I watch it back! Most of the show I was just standing there is awe of what I was watching, the singing, dancing and the way it was put together to tell a story of their life together was incredible! I cant quite get over it.

Here is a vlog from my time in Paris. I annoyingly lost some footage of the first day there but this gives a good roundup of what happened. I hope you like it and please visit Paris one day. You definitely will not regret it!

Khrissie x


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