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13 September 2014
I received these samples of Thea Face Renew Cleanser and Moisturiser a little while ago and was really intrigued to try them as I have been wanting to get more onto organic and natural products. I mainly wanted to see if they were any better than standard products that have lots of nasty ingredients in them. With organic products comes a bigger price tag but they say if you can spend £40 on a pair of shoes, you should do the same for skincare as its a lot better to invest in your skin than anything else, especially as good skin is the basis of good makeup.

First up in my skin routine was the cleanser, now personally I don't like cream cleansers as I've got so used to my micellar waters, but I gave it a go non the less. I found I had to use quite a lot of the product to take all my makeup off but using it as a second cleanse worked really well as it got any excess product off that I may have missed. I loved how it left skin feeling super clean afterwards! I also tried this by applying it using a muslin cloth, which worked a lot better for me.

It had a section on how to use it on the website but I find it's better to find your own personal way to begin with, but in this case using a damp cotton pad or muslin cloth was the best method.
This cleanser is made from lots of great ingredients like Aloe Juice, Green Tea, mango butter and lemon and orange oils. If you don't like scented products this won't be for you as it is heavily scented with strong citrus notes, which I personally love! I enjoyed applying the cleanser as the smell was gorgeous, not as refreshing as some cleansers I have used so I would keep this for my evening routine. After using it for a few weeks my skin does look brighter and slightly more plump.
Next up is the Face Renew Moisturiser. Now I love this compared to the cleanser as this is a really light formula, which is much more suited to my oily skin. The smell wasn't as amazing but I didn't mind so much. This is also made of the same kind of ingredients as the cleanser so if I was to buy the full version I would definitely head for the moisturiser as it gives me the same results being that the ingredients are doing all the hard work. 

You can buy a sample of the moisturiser for £8.95 if you wanted to give this brand a go and your into natural and organic products. They also have other ranges for different skin types which you can choose from. Overall I'm quite satisfied with the results. You always expect more when the products are organic but it may just be that natural ingredients that are just doing more good for your skin in general rather than a quick fix that a lot of the animal tested brands give you. 

I would like to test some more of their products from the different ranges as thats where I have my skin problems, especially interested in the rosehip and white tea mask for sensitive skin
Is there anything you are interested in you would like me to try?

All products are paraben and cruelty free and are also vegan friendly. 

Khrissie x


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