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9 September 2014
Here is the second part to Bloggers Love Fashion week. I decided to go on day 2 as I wouldn't have been able to leave work on time both days and so I opted for this one. I did take more photos but the lighting was really bad when it got darker so they didn't come out at all. I'll have to think of a solution to this for next time.

Me and Jough decided it was appropriate to selfie in the elevator on the way up to Penthouse for the event, we look like Simpsons! yeah! So you can see a little snipet of what I wore to the event but you can see one of my previous posts here where you can see the whole outfit in all its glory. I love this dress as its the perfect mix of monochrome and colour. I can see me wearing this a lot!

FYT & co were at the event showcasing some of their new collection which I think is really pretty. I love the patterns and the accessories were the softest material I had ever felt. After asking I came to realise they were made from bamboo! I couldn't believe it! Who knew that materials like bamboo could be made into products like this? Its a great way of using sustainable materials without it effecting the world in anyway. What a great brand to have in this country. I love how lots of british brands are coming about now which most people appreciate a lot more now the country is starting to get back on it's feet. Support our country folks!

After having a little nose around some of the brands that were there the fashion show kicked in. The first brand to rock the runway were Vania Couture who are a fairly new occasion dress brand. They make bespoke wedding and occasion wear dresses designed just for you. The brand came about because Vania, the owner of the brand couldn't find that perfect wedding dress so decided to make it herself and loved the experience of choosing every detail so it was perfect for her. There were some gorgeous dresses on the runway so check out their website if you have a prom or you are getting wed yourself as this could be just what you are looking for.

My camera went crazy with the dozens of cameras all flashing at once so these images look like I've edited them in a funny way but that's just how they turned out. I quite like them to be honest, very artsy! I can assure no one has the same images ha!
I then went snooping around the Tweet Boutique section upstairs and accidentally missed the rest of the fashion show but I had a nice time meeting new brands and chatting to other bloggers. Fiorelli had a tweet shop where you had to tweet an image with one of their bags to them and they would pick their favourites to win them. I tweeted them this image with the black bag and thats what I won yay! I was super happy as I never win anything and its a super cute and sturdy bag. I haven't heard of the brand before but I'm definitely going to check them out as all their bags were gorgeous!

On the left I am wearing a Nina Rai couture headband which I think is amazing! I would look so good if you went to the races or something. Its something different from your typical headpiece. I love that its grey (my favourite colour at the moment) It's just too pretty!

Now I'm going to tempt you all with a chocolate cupcake! How delicious does this look? yum! Cupcakes are always good at events as a good pick me up if you have rushed from work or travelled from far and didn't have time for anything, although a little naughty!

I also came across this brand Oxygenetix who were showing us some breathable foundation they had created which is meant to help a variety of skin problems from rashes to acne. This has actually been used on hospital patients with facial scars to a create a full coverage look so you feel more confident without it looking like you have anything on. On first impressions I can say it does make it look like you but with better skin only after a while I could feel itching? I'm not sure if this was my skin getting used to the ingredients or that it's not good for sensitive skin. I'm going to give it another go and report back.

Here are a few more images of the fashion show I managed to get which didn't go too crazy with thr flashes. I really enjoyed my time at the event and I'm looking forward to more in the future. It's a great way to get insight into new and upcoming brands and meet other like minded bloggers too! If your a blogger yourself I would highly recommend you try going to an event yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post
Catch you soon
Khrissie x


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