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1 September 2014
Happy Monday Guys!
It feels like I haven't blogged in ages but it was actually only last week since I posted! Its been the busiest week but feels like I've been away for a month. Lots of life stuff has been going on lately so I feel I have been off he radar but I'm currently planning to schedule 3 posts a week, covering lifestyle, beauty and fashion in each of those days. I thought I would start with posting lifestyle on mondays, fashion will be on wednesdays and I think beauty will be on Saturdays. I'm going to see how I get on so bare with me while I get my feet on the ground.

So me and my lovely bestie Ellie have been friends for years and we occasionally meet up when we can; which we are sad about as it's not often, but it just so happens that we are now going to live together and we have  finally found somewhere! yay! I'm so happy! It was stressing me out big time and I'm so excited as I'm still living with Nick but Ellie and Rob are joining us too so I get to see her everyday! Best news ever!

Before this all came about we went for some lunch and done a spot of shopping on Oxford Street. Its mental at the weekend but as a tip to you all. Try go a little earlier than mid-day and have in mind what you want so you don't spend too long in shops. We actually spent most of our time in Topshop, you can see my haul for that here. These were some new sunglasses that I got while I was there as they are by the brand Quay Australia who I follow on Instagram and I have always loved their glasses! I never knew they were sold in shops in the UK so when I saw they had a stand I had to pick up a pair. These are quite different from most normal sunglasses but I love them! They are definitely a statement piece which can enhance the dullest of outfits.

For lunch we decided to go to Honest Burger in Soho as shock horror we have't been before. I do love a good burger but I can't eat too much wheat or red meat as my body doesn't seem to like it as much as my tastebuds do. I opted for the chicken burger with cheese and some onion rings on the side. Let me tell you...it was delicious!
I got a lemonade for my drink as lemonade is my favourite drink and so when it came served up in this glass with the cutest straw I couldn't have been any happier. The little things eh! I devoured what I could as there was so much food but I loved being in the little tucked away restaurant sitting at the window seat with my buddy and catching up on life, it was lovely! The whole decor and atmosphere is really nice, I would definitely recommend trying it out if you haven't been before. 
We ended up doing a little more shopping afterwards (back in Topshop and New Look) where I didn't find much else but we decided to have a tea stop as we hadn't had one all day and we were deprived. It was a really lovely day which was as much relaxed as busy. I must meet up with more friends like this over the coming weeks as I hardly get to see them much at the moment. (bad friend award)

So summer has officially ended and now on to Autumn, which is one of my favourite seasons. Dressing up in cosy scarves and coats is my favourite thing and I've already fallen in love with a grey leather-look coat in River Island which I just had to order...naughty me! (seriously in love though)

What have you been up to lately? Are you looking forward to Autumn?
Enjoy your week

Khrissie x


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