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3 August 2014

A few weekends ago I decided last minute that I wanted to go to Lovebox Festival. I managed to find some tickets and off I went, Nick ended up coming with me. We turned up and the crowds were so busy, most of the people waiting for friends I assumed. We got through the cue quite quickly and we were in! 

We spent the first hour walking around the festival and checking out what it had to offer.  We stumbled upon lots of music acts we hadn't seen before as well as a roller disco and a small parade which worked its way across the field. It must have been the hottest day of the year and I was sweating way too much but we managed to find some hammocks which we spent a lot of time chilling out in. It also confirmed that I NEED a hammock in my life! It made me feel like a chilled out hippy, just enjoying life with no worries or questions to ask. I loved it!

Dress as a Top / Ebay
Shorts / Forever 21
Kimono & Necklace / Select Fashion
Shoes / Topshop
Bag & sunglasses / Primark
Nail Art / Moyo Nail art kit
Head garland / Primark (ages ago)

This is what I managed to scramble together to wear for the festival. The kimono was a new find which you have seen on previous OOTDs as I havent been able to take it off since this festival (I have washed it, I promise). The kimono was the bases of my outfit and I loved the pink in the pattern and knew I had this dress (top) that I hadn't worn yet so I paired them together, working the clashing prints! I added shorts as I knew it was going to be hot! I threw these shoes on last minute although I should have gone with something different as the leather was heating up in the intense sun and burning my feet. 

I quite liked how the outfit came together last minute, although knowing how hot it was going to be I would have changed it up a little. 

While M.I.A was on glow stick were being thrown everywhere. I managed to get hold of one but it was broken so we ended up chucking it around and getting the glowing stuff all over our clothes, which was fun while it lasted. I won't be doing it again though as it stained my cat dress which I have to now throw away after one use. Sad face!

This was the sunset that day, it was so beautiful. It got cooler in the evening which I was really thankful for and ended my day perfectly. Lovebox festival was fun but the acoustics need to be improved, especially with what happened to M.I.A.

Below is a vlog of some of the day, I hope you enjoy it!
What festivals are you going to / been to this year?

Khrissie x


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