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2 August 2014

Happy August! So I got a July glossybox last month! Most of you would have heard about Glossybox, but its a beauty box which you sign up to, this particular one is £10 for a monthly plan. I was so happy to see it was American themed as Im always down with being patriotic to another country. Plus I was hoping I would get a few products which I find difficult to get hold of in the UK. 

 I love the design of the American style box and its one I'm definitely going to keep, or Nick is in this instance as he wants it on his desk at work as he loves all this America. I'm so nice!

Inside you get 5 products. 4 full size products and one miniature. 

 The first product is a Glossybox exclusive nail polish. Its been made in New York especially for Glossbox in the shade Glossy Seal. Its a yellow based blue toned colour which I love! I haven't got anything in my collection like it and I love how its an exclusive colour as it feels special. I can't wait to wear thing in the Autumn as thats when I love wearing dark shades.

I says its chip resistant but takes a little while to dry so I'm going to have to put this to the test to see whether its a big thumbs up or down. You can buy a very similar shade to this called 'Chelsea Girl' if your interested. I've added the link below for you.

One Size $8 for 15ml
Buy similar here

 Next up is Carmex lipbalm. This was the product I was most disappointed with as I've always used this product, especially in the winter when my lips need a little tlc. It is a good cult product as it conditions and protects your lips all year round but it's not something I want to pay for in a Glossybox. They added it as its a celebrity favourite, but which celebrities are they referring to I wonder?

One Size: £2.60
Buy here

I then saw I got given a Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd lipstick which I was really excited about as I always love trying to shades and formulas. This is actually a mineral lipstick which is great as its contains more natural ingredients than your average lipstick. It has vitamin E & C in it and is meant to protect your lips from the sun which is a bonus in my books. I haven't tried this brand before so I'm looking forward to giving it as go and seeing how long lasting it really is.

The shade is in 'Catwalk' which is a fun name. It s gorgeous nude pink shade, quite yellow based, so slightly moving into the mauve territory when in it stick, but once applied on my skin it has more coral tones to it, which is right up my street. Bellepierre lipstick also has that nice lipstick smell to it which I can only describe as a mix between play dough and a musky floral perfume. Its safe to say that so far I love it!

Packaging wise I find the plastic case quite cheap looking considering this is a £20 lipstick! If you think you can get a gorgeous YSL lipstick for £5 more than I'm not sure its worth it! I know that mineral makeup is more expensive but I think they should upgrade their packaging to give more of a luxury feel to it, which will really help to make the product shine.

One Size: £20 

Next up is Dr. Bronners Magic Soap. I've never seen or heard of this brand before and I was a little baffled as to what it does when I first saw it. It says its an 18-in-1 product which sounds pretty promising, so I had a little google search as I was very curious about how magic this soap really was....

Ok..Lets just say on first impressions, I'm really impressed! It really does do 18 things. You can use it to wash your hair, body, face but also use it to wash your dishes or do the laundry and the list goes on. Now who doesn't want one product that can do everything for you? Its a miracle! I'm going to have to try these out all my self of course but with the product being organic and great for people with allergies or sensitive skin, its really does seem like a win win situation.

I'll link you to the website here (uk basedso you can look more into different fragrances and products by Dr.Bronner if your interested,as this is the super mild version which can even be used on babies! Here is also a cheat cheat about how many drops of the product you need to use in different situations as its a concentrated product, so you need to use it sparingly. A little goes a long way! I'm really happy with this product but I'm not too keen on the packaging as it has too many words when it should be concentrating on pulling out the best bits.

Sample size: £1.99
Full Size: £5.99
Buy here

Last up is a Glossybox premiere product by the brand Absolute New York. This is an eyeshadow primer which is oil-free and meant to even out your skin tone. Its meant to prevent shadow from creasy and last all day. I love primers which you can wear alone to hide the veins in your eyes, so I'm looking forward to giving this a try. 

This is an American brand so its not as easy to get hold of in the UK so hopefully I dont end up falling in love with it. 

One Size: $4.99

So heres the roundup of my July Glossybox. I hope you liked reading about what I got. I think these boxes are always hit and miss but I dont think you can go too wrong when there is a themed version. Looking through what other people recived I wish I got the tarte mascara as I've always wanted to try that brand, but its just going to have be something I purchase myself.

You can sign up to Glossybox here

Have a lovely weekend everyone
Khrissie x


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