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24 August 2014

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

Today I thought I would show you my current daily make up. It doesn't really change too much over time as I use my favourite products and then repurchase them so I tend to get stuck in a rut. I'm now trying to switch it up to make my routine more exciting, although it never feels like a chore. I am feeling more inspired to create different looks and I'm getting more excited about make up again so lets see what this looks like in a few months time.

Base: This is currently my favourite combo for my base. I haven't been using a primer as I don't like the feeling of most of them as I find they are quite heavy on my skin.

For my foundation I have been using MaXfactor all day flawless, which is a 3 in 1 product that primes and conceals as well as having an SPF 20. I got the shade Warm Almond as I found the lighter shade too light for me which I found surprising. I have oily combination skin and lately it's got worse so I knew I needed more of a mattifying foundation. I've found this has really worked for me as although I still need to powder it has lasted me a lot longer than other drugstore products. (I'll review it soon)

For concealer I've been using NARS creamy concealer in Vanilla. As a lot of people know, its an amazing product. Far better than any other concealer I've tried and even though its on the more expensive side I would still repurchase this over collections lasting perfection as I found that creased on me big time. Its so smooth on my skin and covers flaws like a dream.

Bronzer/Contour: I've been using Bodyshop Honey Bronzer. I love this bronzer a lot! It never goes too orange on my skin and gives me the perfect amount of colour without it looking unnatural. I don't really need to contour as I have big cheekbones which I personally hate as it gives me a wide face but without them I would probably complain. 

Blush: I got this blush free with another NARS purchase when I was at a launch earlier this year. Its a mini version of the Deep Throat blush which I was actually going to buy not long before. I really wish they sold more of these minis as its a great way to try out a product without paying the full price. Its great on my skin tone and its cute enough for my handbag! The brush I've been using it is also a firm favourite in my makeup bag. Its from the EcoTool travel kit, which all of you must try btw as they are so super soft!

Finally for eyes and brows I have been using this combination. This is the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undressed, which you can pick up from Superdrug for a really affordable price. They are smooth and creamy and blend really well, you could say they are a dupe for the naked palettes. I've been using the two pink shades on the top left the most but I have a go at most of them during the week, depending on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. 

I mix up my mascaras all the time as I love trying new ones out. I was using the Kate Moss mascara but I found it crumbled a lot so I've left that one lonely in my makeup bag for now. This is another new launch by Rimmel. I found I was attracted to this as it has Argan Oil in it which helps to nourish your eye lashes to help them grow. Now I don't have much of a problem with the length but I do find my lashes fall out quite a bit so I need something which will help out the new lashes that poke through grow quicker so I don't look bald in my eye department. I'm yet to see if it makes any difference but I will report back when I do. 

For my brows I have been using another launch by Rimmel called Brow this way. This looks like a mascara but it coats your brows instead. Its a different way of defining your brows but I love it! I find its so easy to apply and it shapes and sets your brows like nobodies business.

So this is what I wear on my face at the moment. I usually don't make too much fuss on a week day as I don't have too long to get ready in the morning for work, mainly because I have a good relationship with the snooze button but I've now got into the routines of using these products so I can get my face on pretty quickly when I need to.

Whats your current makeup favourites at the moment?

Khrissie x



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