The Liebster Award

29 July 2014

So yesterday I got nominated by the lovely Katriona Juliekins for the Liebster Award.
This is an award which is given from one blogger to another. Its a great way to promote
other lovely bloggers and to give them recognition for what the do. You then nominate
other bloggers...and the chain continues....

1 / You must link back to bloggers that nominate you
2 / You must list 11 random facts about you
3 / You must answer 11 questions (given by the blogger who nominated you)
4 / You must nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers 
5 / You must not nominate the blogger who nominated you
6 / Let your nominees know you nominated them (link them in your post)

11 random facts about me:
1 / Pizza is my favourite food
2 / I'm from Essex originally 
3 / I love being spontaneous 
4 / I want to travel the world
5 / I love calling people muffin?
6 / I'm yet to find someone who is just like me
7 / I love beyonce! 
8 / Unicorns are brilliant!
9 / I have funny theories about life
10 / I don't like being around negative people
11 / I daydream all the time

11 questions from Katriona Juliekins

1/ Are you a One Directioner?
They have catchy songs but I'm afraid I'm not in love...

2/ Guys with stubble or no stubble?
Stubble is nice to look at but no stubble is better to kiss

3/ Whats your favourite thing about being a blogger?
Getting to talk and meet the nicest people ever!

4/ Whats my guilty pleasure?
Singing to Shania Twain when I'm on my own

5/ Five weird facts?
 - I get bursts of energy before I sleep
 - I'm always dancing in the mirror
 - I like to pretend I'm a mermaid when I'm in the bath
 - When I'm a passenger in a car and a song comes on I pretend I'm in a music video
 - I love picking off nail varnish 

6/ Do you have a bf/gf?...if so how did you meet?
Yes I do have a BF! We met the second month of uni at a pub crawl.
It was love at first sight and I knew I wanted him and here I am 4 and 
a half years later. yipee!

7/ Did anything surprise you about being a blogger that you didn't expect?
I didnt know how lovely the community was or that you could talk to so 
many lovely people!

8/ Night in or night out?
Night in! I've done the uni thing now and I can't really drink now so 
a night in with a takeaway and some friends is perfect for me 

9/ Favourite ice cream flavour?
OMG mint chocolate chip and I want some NOW! ^_^

10/ Chinese takeaway or Dominos?
Er! Dominos...duh! Pizza is the best!

11/ What are your expectations or goals for your blog in a year?
I would love to reach 1,000 followers, meet more bloggers and 
have content I am really proud of!

11 questions from Becky from BBYB:

1/ What makes you really happy?
Knowing my friends and family are happy and healthy & personally 
achieving my goals and ambitions

2/ What is your real passion?
My first passion was to become a Graphic Designer. I am
one now and my new passion is creating a blog I love. 

3/ Why did you start blogging?
I've been reading blogs and watching Youtube for years now and
I have always tried to start one since the first year of uni in 2009 but
it never worked out. I've always dreamed of being Carrie Bradshaw but
I'm not the best writer so this is the next best thing. 

4/ Who is your favourite blogger + YouTuber?
At the moment I love the blog by Audery Leighton called Frassy. She 
gives me lots of inspiration. I'm watching a lot of Tyler Oakley at the moment
and I also love Velvetgh0st

5/ What are your top 3 'desert island' products?
If I really was on a desert island there would be no one around me so I 
would definitely be sporting the bare faced look as no one would care. 
I would want to be clean so a big bottle of cleanser and cotton pads, a moisturiser
with an SPF and deodorant....done!

6/ What couldn't you live without?
I would have to say my phone! I can access everything through it and how would I
contact my friends and family when they dont live near me! Its an obvious choice but
its obvious for a reason.

7/ How do you stay motivated?
Funnily enough I'm not motivated at all at the moment. I just
cant be bothered. I'm not sure whether its because I'm confused with what
I want to achieve in life or I have so much going on in my mind that I 
can't order what I'm meant to be doing. 

One thing I find helpful is to concentrate on something else for a minute. 
Theres on post I need to finish off and thats my goal, once thats complete 
I can get onto a new thing. Reading blogs helps too!

8/ Do you have a dream job? If so what?
My dream was to be a graphic designer and now I am but I want to
be something more now I've reached my goal but I'm not sure 
what that is yet? Being a full time blogger and exploring the world
sounds pretty awesome though
9/ Something you learnt recently
I've learnt that almost everyone you know is putting on a front to what they
are really feeling and having to deal with in life. Be nice people! 

10/ If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which would you choose?
I think I would love to experience the 70s/80s just to see how different life was without all the
technology we have now.

11/ Finally, What's one life lesson of words of wisdom you love?
I've always told myself 'everything happens for a reason' from a very young age and 
it has always stuck with me. It keeps me positive as I really think negativity can have
a huge impact on your life

That was so much fun! I'm now going to nominate:
Laura Evelyn
Beauty Dreams
Hariette Casey

Your questions are:
1/ What would be your dream job?
2/ If you had to wear one thing everyday, what would it be?
3/ What inspires you?
4/ If you go to starbucks etc. What do you order?
5/ Do you have any pets?
6/ If you could be spontaneous right now, what would you do?
7/ Whats your pizza topping?
8/ Favourite artist(s)
9/ 3 funny facts about you?
10/ Whats a bad hait you have?
11/ Whats a staple beauty product you have?

I hope you enjoy the questions have enjoyed reading my answers.
Have a lovely day!

Khrissie x


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