Khrissie Loves...Vlogging Pt.1 (Holiday Edition)

6 July 2014


Happy Sunday!

So as you might have known if you have seen any of my social media last week, that I have been having a whale of a time on holiday with my wonderful friend Ellie. We normally plan a spontaneous holiday and this is our third one which is yet again in the Canary Islands. We just can't keep away and we now have a plan to make sure we visit all of them at some point.

As I have just started my blog, finally! I thought, why not vlog it? You get a better feel of the place rather than bombarding a post with too many photos I couldn't even be bothered to sift through. I'm not a very confident person and can be quite the introvert but I am doing this blog to change that and hopefully help my anxiety a bit more. I was quite surprised with how quickly I picked it up and I really didn't mind too much about talking with other people around. I think London would be a different feeling all together though.

I have added a few random photos into the post too as I didn't take too many as I was vlogging or relaxing by the pool most of the time! Oh how I'm dreaming up my next holiday. This is my first ever vlogging and video editing experience and although I've had to learn as I went on, I've managed to get this first bit done over some spare time over the last 2 days which I am pretty happy with.

Please let me know any feedback because I of course want to get better at this as its a skill I'm really enjoying learning. I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit into my time on holiday and look out for part 2 which will be up next week.

Khrissie x


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