Daisy Duke

5 July 2014

(These are shot in quite bright daylight so the contrast is a bit crazy but I cant ignore the beautiful weather)
Top / Urban Outfitters
Jeans / H&M
Shoes / New look

Hello there!

So its the first weekend in July and I cant believe it! I know most people say this but life really is going to quick. I've been in Tenerife that last week as you may have seen through my social media and it was the nicest, most relaxing week ever! I'm definitely going through a stage of holiday blues but I've been so busy since I got back I haven't had a chance to just sit down and chill to get over it. This is the first time I've been able to sit and relax a little and I'm not going to lie, all I want to do today is lay in bed and watch 'Orange is the new black' and eat ice cream, as I'm completely shattered. 

Theres so much I want to do with my blog and so many posts that need sorting but I really dont have enough time, as theres only so much daylight for shooting in the day as well as needing to do two whole loads of washing as I dont have anything to wear at the moment, so shameful!

Theres always overwhelming days in life but I'll soon sort myself out and be right back on track with everything, I'm sure of it! I'm also trying to learn how to edit videos as I vlogged a lot of little clips while on holiday and I've managed a little bit so far but I'm trying to get all the transitions right and do I add a intro page? do I add music? Its all up in the air but I'm really enjoying learning a new skill.

I'm going to have a little break and catch up on some programmes (eh-hem! OITNB) and then try and learn some more editing skills! Have a lovely weekend and dont feel ashamed if you want to stay in and be a little lazy too as we all need a break from the real world at some point!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you decide.
Khrissie x


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