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6 June 2014

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Happy Friday!

Here are a few favourites that I've been loving throughout May. I've been a right busy bee and I honestly don't know where time has gone, its quite scary its already summer. These are the items I've been grabbing most lately while I've been rushing round like a headless chicken and I just love them all! I've got so many compliments on the Alien perfume which I'm really happy about as its a firm favourite of mine, my signature scent one might say (poshest accent)

I have really got into peppermint tea lately as I have found it calms my stomach in the evening.
I've been having it in this awesome 'Pugs not Drugs' mug I got for my birthday and I just 
ove it and can we just talk about those biscuits! OMG blueberry muffin flavoured by Fox's,
the best biscuits ever!

I'm really loving Tanya's cosmetics at the moment! Her lipgloss smells amazing and has great application and the nail varnishes glide on so smooth and the colours are gorgeous! I even managed to paint them on the train today, I cant wait to see if she brings out more in her collection!

I'm going to the Horse Races tomorrow in Epping which I'm excited about, I hope I get a peak of the Queen in her box! I've never seen her in real life before! Hopefully the weather holds out until the evening but Im sure I will enjoy it non the less and I'm going to do some house chores on saturday and maybe do a little holiday shopping, so excited for my holiday to Tenerife this year! Only 2 weeks and 4 days to go and theres lots I need to organise.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!
See you
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