Company Style Blogger Awards Pt.2

22 June 2014

Steve Booker / Winner: Best Male Style

What Olivia Did / Winner: Best Designed Blog
Wish Wish Wish / Highly Commended: Best Style Blog 

These are a few photos (taken on my iphone so excuse the poor quality) taken from the night. 
I thought I would share these with you because if your as nosey as I am then you would want to see them. Most of the guys in the photos you would have seen before if not check them out! They are awesome! This guy above, Harry is brilliant! I love his personality and you can tell he doesn't care what anyone thinks, which I love in a person. I'm looking forward to more events where I can meet more people like this. 

Zoe London was the DJ for the night as she had some awesome tunes so it was lovely to finally meet her. I've been watching videos of Fun For Louis for ages now and I find his attitude to life really inspiring and hes such a nice guy! Jough is my first proper blogger friend as we met at uni and been friends since, we both love reading and watching blogs so you'll normally see us together at events, she's a babe! Leanne Lim Walker has amazing style I wish I could pull off and I've mainly been following her through Instagram as I'm addicted, make sure you follow her too!

I then through in our temporary tattoos by Sun Seekers and our nail art by Colour Riot nails. 
You can find them on instagram and twitter if you want to buy some of the tattoos or book a
nail art party (what a good idea) through them. 

I've linked everyones names so you go have a look at what they do...

I'm off to bake some chocolate cookies for my best friends birthday!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

See ya xx


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