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26 May 2014
I hope your all having a lovely weekend! Here are a few shots of me on the canal in Camden, London.
(Im such a doofous I know but I'm still getting used to a camera in my face and I find it harder being serious ha!). I'm lucky to live near the canal as its a lovely place for a weekend walk in the sun and its not overcrowded like most of London on the weekend, check it out if your visiting!

So this is a new top that I brought from the new up and coming app 'Depop'. This is an app where you can sell old/new things that you don't want anymore. Its like a combination of ASOS marketplace and Ebay. I like how you can gain followers and follow other people, so when they post a new item you can make sure you grab it first or they can see what you post next. There are some well know bloggers on there too so check it out!

Top / Depop
Trousers / H&M
Shoes / Topshop

Depop @khrissieloves

I love this shirt, its one of those styles which are really 'in' right now as I think its one of those nice trends where you can look effortless really easy. I've also been loving these shoes at the moment, they are oh so comfy and I'm really into white this season and they go with almost anything. 

Life is quite busy work wise at the moment so I don't have much energy at the end of the week when I want to do my own thing. I brought a new notebook so I can start organising my hobbies and interests as I really want to make a go at blogging and get better at writing etc etc...

Rambles over... hehe! Catch you soon!
Khrissie x

*this is not a sponsored post


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